Major League Look on a Minor League Budget

FieldLazer S90 Battery Powered Striper

$1,499.00 $1,299.00

FieldLazer S90 Battery Powered

The Graco FieldLazer S90 is the worlds first battery powered high pressure field marking machine. Up to 75% lower paint cost than spray cans and atomizes undiluted field paint. One button operation and no spray cans to dispose of! Sprays up to 10 soccer fields or 1 football field on each charge.
  • Battery Charger (Included) - Bulkhead connection makes it easy to charge after each use
  • Easy Out Filter - Large capacity and toolless removal for smooth operation
  • Adjustable Handlebar - Striping comfort for all heights
  • 3 Wheel Design - Easy to maneuver around corner kicks, arcs, circles, stencils and straight lines
  • Adjustable Spray Shields (Included) - Protection from windy conditions
  • FieldLazer RAC 5 (Reverse-A-Clean) Tip - Turn tip 180 degrees to clear clogs

10X the pressure of low-pressure competitive models. low pressure models just dump paint onto the ground which is a waste of paint and water. The FieldLazer S90 uses high-pressure to spray the paint, which puts it on the grass, not on the soil.

Features and Benefits:
  • One Button Operation - Press the button to start, press to stop
  • Adjustable Handlebar - Adjust to your height
  • Tilt-N-Pour Removable 6 Gallon Hopper - Easily pour leftover paint back into container
  • 3 Wheel Design - Makes corner kicks, circles and arcs a breeze
  • 12V Maintenance Free Battery - Uses battery found in other common products

    Graco S90 332119G Product Manual    

          FieldLazer Product Brochure